My remarks from the Straw Poll on October 21st


OCTOBER 21, 2017

I began this campaign because of Russian interference in the November elections. As a cybersecurity professional, I thought maybe I could do something.

I am an educator, lawyer, and nationally recognized higher ed leader — and a mother of two adult sons. 

My community service of

  • 10 years on a town planning board,
  • the county legislature’s internet committee
  • and as a library trustee

was not enough.  Now it is time to fight fire with fire!

I started this campaign against something: Trump’s lack of integrity and Reed’s lack of care for this district.  But as I have traveled the 23rd, talked with Democrats, Independents, and Republicans – the people of this district -- I am now for something.  You, our communities, and this district.  

  • I understand the hurt of working and middle-class families.
  • I see very clearly the lack of opportunities that cause our children to move away.
  • I feel the burden that places on families and a sense of community that we have been building for generations.

I want to bring my life experience from western and southern tier New York, my education and professional skills, to bear on our challenges.  

  • We need internet for every business, home, farm and school in this district. It is not possible to educate our children, attract business, run farms, or compete in the global economy without it.
  • I want to bring federal funds for local jobs to fix and rethink infrastructure. 
    We need:
    • Clean, updated electrical grid.  
    • Community transportation so people can get to schools, libraries, medical appointments, and jobs.
    • If Congress can contemplate a stupid wall, then maybe we should think about a 21st century train system that runs on time and smoothly connects commodities and people from this part of the state to the eastern seaboard.
  • We also need federal, state and local tax incentives to attract new businesses in technology and renewable energy companies as well as support for traditional industries. Hunting tourism would flourish in this area.
  • Here are some of the issues that matter to this district:
    • Immigration reform for our farmers and a citizenship path for our patriotic, dedicated immigrant families;
    • To pass $15 minimum wage and to reform labor law to revitalize unions and the Democratic party, and
    • Environmental protection for our beautiful natural resources.
  • I stand for tax reform that:
    • Lowers the burden on working and middle-class families,
    • RAISES – yes, I said raises – tax burden on those making more than 1.5 million
    • Let’s keep the estate tax, and
    • Let’s close loopholes for the wealthy and open them for the working and middle class: college tuition should be tax deductible.
  • So, too, should we have INTEREST FREE student loans
  • Robust support for social security – keep it out of predatory, privatizing hands, and
  • Let’s end the health care fiasco with a single-payer system.

When I was younger I expressed an interest in politics, but my family cautioned that it was dirty and my teachers — I went to Catholic schools — told me it had no spiritual dimension.  That has not been my experience.  

  • My heart swells with compassion when I listen to people’s struggles.
  • My mind bursts with innovative ideas.
  • My soul rises with hope for our community.

I started out against something but now am for something:

  • For you
  • For our district
  • For our children’s future

And I hope you are for me!