Good evening, Tompkins County!

Below you can find Tracy's speech given on Tuesday, August 22, at the Ithaca Town Court. The Tompkins County Democrats hosted a meet-and-greet with people. 

"Good evening Tompkins County!  My name is Tracy Mitrano and I am here for the same reason that many of you are tonight. 

As an American historian, I cannot believe the level to which our political culture has sunk.  As a lawyer and a citizen, I have an obligation to do what I can to right this ship.  As an academic and practitioner of internet policy and cybersecurity, I have the requisite experience and a unique and timely skill set for the 23 Congressional District.  

Have you heard that someone from Tompkins County cannot win this seat? I do not believe that.  I do believe that this district requires someone with deep roots in it. I grew up in the Rochester and went there to university as an undergraduate.  I have been a resident of the 29th and now the 23rd since 1981 since when I moved to Binghamton to attend graduate school.  I came to Ithaca in 1986 to teach at IC while I finished my dissertation. 

In 1995, I graduated Cornell Law School and practiced at the firm that is now Miller and Mayer, and worked as assigned counsel for the indigent until 2001 when I became the director of IT policy at Cornell, a position I held for 13 years until retirement.  Since then, I have run a successful consulting business and created a public-private partnership in cybersecurity for the University of Massachusetts – something that would be really good for this district.  As the only able child to take care of my parents as they aged and passed, and then with two children, my younger, Sam, who are here tonight, I have chosen to stay close.  I am a life-long a Democrat and have lived entirely in Central, Western and Southern Tier New York.

Since beginning this exploration, I have learned a great deal about this district.  It is hurting.  Much of it is agricultural and is represented in congress by someone whose immigration and monetary policies are sorely out of step for agricultural interests. 

Health care affects everyone -- especially in light of the opioid crisis -- but our representative has consistently voted for laws that grossly miss the universal health care mark – I don’t care how much he now pivots, dissembles and “problem-solves” about it.  

A broken tax law badly distorted class structure, crushes the lower and middle classes, impedes upward mobility, and adversely affects our political culture as the winners of this lop-sided policy – the 1% -- have pumped obscene amounts of money into shaping opinion and supporting candidates designed to hoodwink the rest of us. 

Finally, with respect to economic development, the current representative couldn’t care less.  In this century, economic development requires affordable and available internet service. As a member of the Tompkins County Broadband Committee for five years, I know why we could not make a dent. The market won’t do it without federal and state regulatory alignment.  One of Trump’s first administrative moves was to undo the internet as a utility…and Reed supported it.  That moves goes 100% against the economic, educational and cultural needs of this District.

I could go on, and do in my website,, which I invite you to visit and where I have offered thoughts on everything from foreign policy – I am very critical of yesterday’s announcement about the military buildup in Afghanistan -- to environmental issues to interest free loans for students.  Thank you for your time and I look forward to your questions tonight."