Nationally, we must secure our internet borders to protect U.S. economic, political and cultural interests.  In an interconnected world, national physical security relies on safe and trusted use of the internet. 

To that end, Congress must use its legislative powers to:

  • Direct the Federal Communications Commission to provide available, affordable internet access to the people of the 23rd District, and other underserved areas of this county. 
  • Reform law on government surveillance, intellectual property and consumer privacy in the name of traditional Constitutional rights, privacy and security, innovation and incentive, robust e-commerce and consumer protection.  
  • Direct the Federal Trade Commission to stop companies that scrape and use information to exploit consumers commercially.
  • End the exploitation of people who want to get a college education or trade training by offering INTEREST FREE student loans.
  • Lift the tax burden on working and middle-class people and impose more restraint on the 1%.
  • Close 1% loopholes and open them up for the working and middle class, including 1 to 1 deduction for tuition.
  • Raise minimum wage, reform labor law to revive unions, and bolster the position of working people against exploitative employers.
  • Adopt universal health care, preferably in a single payer system, and with emergency measures for the opioid epidemic.
  • Support civil rights and extend employment protection to transgendered persons and people in same-sex relationships.
  • Render the Citizens United decision ineffective and level the playing field between BIG MONEY and common citizens in our political debates.

Foreign Policy

  • We have a responsibility to re-establish peace in Iraq and should continue to support rebuilding the state.
  • We should pursue a clear exit plan with a defined and final timeline for our military personnel to depart Afghanistan.
  • The U.S. should create a path of international internet governance as the means to address nation-state cyber-insecurity and to reduce organized and other forms of fraud and crime on the internet.
  • The U.S. should negotiate with North Korea to reduce tensions and lower the probability of military engagement.
  • The U.S. should participate in treaties that include fair trade principles, protect American workers and encourage businesses in the U.S.

Other Issues Important to the 23rd District:

I do not support the Trump Administration’s crackdown on undocumented workers in otherwise good legal standing until such time as Congress reforms immigration laws that:

  • provide farmers in this District with the help that they need and receive from immigrant workers,
  • and provide undocumented people in this district in good legal standing and over five years of residence with a path towards citizenship.

Global Warming: I believe in the scientific method as a means of understanding climate change and the need for policy to address its effects.
Fracking: I support the current New York State moratorium on hydraulic- fracturing.  

Gun Rights
Responsible hunters and gun enthusiasts in good legal and medical standing should be able to purchase guns within a reasonable registration system that safely and fairly monitors gun ownership to prevent against unlawful firearm violence.

Reproductive Rights
Abortion should be safe, legal, affordable and available to all women, irrespective of class, race, national origin or financial status.

Constitutional Convention
Given the concerns that a Constitutional Convention will be very costly for the state and the effect that the Citizens United Supreme Court decision has had on political discourse with the potential risk to our state pensions, I plan on voting no on this question.